Monday, August 6, 2012

#GetMagnetic with Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

Yay Influenster!  I say that because they are continuously sending me awesome new beauty products to try out and share my opinion.  I have a slight fetish for beauty products and just get so excited when I get new fun products to try.  Like the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color.  This was sent to me in my most recent Summer Beauty VoxBox (along with a bunch of other fabulous products to try).

What a cool finish this polish gives!

It was really easy to apply, though a little more time consuming than regular nail polish.  That is because you apply a coat to all of your nails - let dry - then apply a second thick coat (one nail at a time) and let the magnet hover over the nail for 10 seconds to create this cool effect!  It dries fast too which is nice (especially for me since my children were running around while I painted my nails).

I was a little concerned that it would dry bumpy because of the thick coat application and waviness that the magnet created but it didn't.  It dried perfectly smooth with a super sheen.  Love it.

The color I received from Influenster was Red-y Response but there are a whole array of cool colors to choose from (green, blue, silver, gold...)  It retails for about $10.00 but is worth every penny if you want to achieve a unique look for your nails.  Plus it lasts for a while (just make sure to apply a top coat to protect your nails).  I am going to paint my eight year old daughter's nails today :-)

Right Now, on the Sally Hansen Facebook page, there is a contest running where if you upload a photo to Instagram you can win $1,000 or a Sally Hansen prize bag.  See the contest rules for the finer details.  I entered because I sure could use a $1,000!  Who couldn't???  A prize pack would also be pretty sweet.

So thanks again to Influenster for sending me this product to try for FREE and to Sally Hansen for participating in the Summer Beauty VoxBox.  As always, though I did receive this product as a comp, the opinions expressed are only mine.

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  1. Yay! A fellow beauty product junkie! I also got this vox box from Influenster and was excited to see the Sally Hansen Magnetic polish included. I got the silver. This was not my first rodeo with magnetic polish and this is definitely the easiest one I have come across. I love that the top of the polish doubles as the magnet and that it's as easy as lining it up with your cuticle. I will definitely be getting this polish in a few more colors!