Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loving My New *Free* Dress Thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap!!!!

Yay Yay!!!  I was selected for yet another awesome sample share from Crowdtap and Old Navy!  I absolutely love being a member of the Old Navy Style Council.  What girl doesn't like to buy clothes???  And for FREE!!  It really is like eating the cake with a cherry on top ;-)

This sample share was for a dress.  I got one coupon for me and one for a friend (like always).  I think it is so fun that they give you a coupon to share with somebody.  It just makes the shopping trip so much more exciting.  I love scoring goodies and it makes me **happy** to be able to share with my friends and family.

This time around I took my mom with me.  She has helped me out a lot lately and I really wanted to be able to give something back to her.  What better than a fun girls day shopping trip and a free dress?  She had a bit harder time trying to find a dress she liked but finally settled on one.  (The same as me actually - I said - "We cannot wear these on the same day!") 

Here are some of the cute dresses I tried on:

And here are the dresses we decided on:

As you can see, I am pretty pregnant in this picture!  This dress fit so beautiful and I will be able to wear it AFTER baby also!  Double win!  It really makes me feel sexy pregnant but not trashy - just classy :-)

And here is our cashier, excited to ring us up!  She wanted to join too!

Too bad she is an Old Navy employee and it is probably against regulation!

The selection of dresses were cute but I liked more of the ones that were on sale for online only.  Ah well, I think I really found the perfect Fall/Winter dress.  I have paired it with black flats on a warmer day and tights and boots on a cooler day.  It looks great both ways!

I would like to say "thanks" again to Crowdtap for selecting me for this sample share! 

If you are not a member of Crowdtap, you really should be!

*DISCLOSURE - I received a free product in exchange for my review.  All opinions are honest and my own.  Thanks*


  1. Great dress!! I love that it is versatile during and after childbirth. Great value.

  2. Great dresses you guys picked out! I had this sample share too and it was fantastic!