Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Summer Style with Old Navy and Crowdtap!!!

One of my favorite reasons for being a member of Crowdtap is that I get to also be a part of the Old Navy Style Council and do in store sample shares.  I get to try out some clothes for FREE and share with a friend.  Double win! 

My most recent sample share with Old Navy and Crowdtap was for a free pair of Old Navy shorts.  I already own a couple of pairs that I love so this was just icing on the cake for me :-)

Yay!  Coupons for FREE shorts for a friend and I!

This time I decided to go for something a little bit different.  Usually I stick to jean shorts or khaki but when I looked at the selection of shorts at Old Navy, I knew I wanted to be a little funky and eclectic in my choice.

Lots of choices here!
I contemplated the hot pink!
More shorts to choose from!
 There were a lot of shorts to decide on and I am pretty indecisive!  Finally I picked a pair of jean shorts (a pair I already own and love) and a pair of purple shorts (my favorite color!!!).  I also tried on a few tanks to complete my look.  I already own about ten tank tops from Old Navy in just about every color!

My shorts choices!
I decided on the purple 3 1/2" shorts because they looked great, felt soft, fit nice, and I love purple! 

Pretty!  I love the colors!
Backside, Had to do it!

 My best friend got the jean shorts based on my recommendation.  We wear the same size so I see some swapping in the future!!!!

Our cashier was super excited for us!


Another awesomely fun sample share.  Thanks so much to Crowdtap and Old Navy for letting me be part of such a fun group!!!!

**Disclosure - I received a free product for a review.  All opinions are MY OWN.**

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