Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom (plus) Children = Happiness

Childless people rejoice because last Saturday night not only did they get an extra hour at the bar (hurrah!) but they probably got to sleep in as well.  Yeah.  Not me.  I just got woken up an hour EARLIER by my seven year old daughter.  On a Sunday.  Bah.

I love my children.  They are the light of my life and I could not imagine life without them.  It is funny because I spent 24 years without any and had the time of my life - young, carefree, no added responsibilities.....But now as I look back it feels like my girls have always been in my life or like the life I had before children was just a dream. 

Speaking of dreams...when I fall asleep at night I like to lull off to sweet dreams of great things happening.  Like traveling to Greece or being hired in at a spectacular company and making a ton of cash.  Now that I have children, they are always in my dreams too.  But if I am out somewhere they are being babysat.  I mean, I can't even dream or fantasize without my children being accounted for.  

And even in my early morning tired bitchy (yes, I am not nice when I am woken up or when I wake up) state, I still absolutely adore my girls.  I think that the love of a parent is the greatest most unconditional love I will ever have.

I am constantly amazed at how quickly they both learn and grow.  Just today my one year old was playing with this toy she has.  It is a mirror and plays music and lights up.  She had her face right to the mirror, the lights were flashing, and she was cracking up at herself.  It was just the funniest thing ever to her.  Aah, to have that simple innocence again.

So today is a late night thankful post for my NaBloPoMo.  Love my kids <3

Do you have children?  What are some of your favorite moments to share?  I would love to hear them.


  1. I was at my sisters for the time change last year, and got the early wake up from my nephew. I definitely appreciated my hour of sleep this year!!

  2. Mine are all grown, married, and making babies of their own now. It all goes by so quickly, but I loved raising my kids and I'm really enjoying being Grammy!

  3. I love all 3 of my boys. I love just listening to them laugh and play together. I love how innocent they are, and I wish they would stay this way.

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  4. @blssedchick - I am already a follower :-)