Sunday, August 5, 2012

Save Time and Cash with the RedLaser App - Never miss Out on a Good Deal Again!

I love to shop, but then again, what woman doesn't?  And I really love a good deal.  I despise going out shopping and feeling like I **could** be getting a better price.  (Like how I feel if I go out for a quick trip and don't bring along coupons!)  But I think my shopper anxiety has been calmed.  I was just turned on to a new phone application from Shespeaks (one of my favorite websites!!) called RedLaser.

Remember this logo!

RedLaser is a pretty awesome app that allows you to scan an item code and gives you product information, ratings, and price comparisons.  Plus you can put your scanned items into lists to keep everything organized.  I have already started a few lists:  One for Household items, one for groceries, and one for Christmas presents.  I love that when I see a potential Christmas gift, I can scan the item and store it for later so when I am ready to shop - and compare prices so I know I am getting the BEST deal! 

It is a FREE app (yay!) and is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.  I recently switched from a Windows phone to an Android and I can personally say that I love that RedLaser is available for the Windows phone!  It is so hard to find good free apps for the Windows phone.

A couple of cool features that I really liked about this app:

  • When you scan a food item it gives you ingredient and allergen information.  I scanned my Miracle Whip bottle for my grocery list and it has pretty much everything I would ever want to know about Miracle Whip from a product rating (B+) to how many calories per serving (40).  Pretty neat!

  • You can buy right from your phone through Paypal, if you choose.  I love Paypal and use it often so this would be useful when I am (ahem) impulse shopping ;-)

  • You can share your lists (or wish lists!) with friends and family via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google, instant messaging...etc....That will come in handy at Christmas too!

  • Not only does the RedLaser app give you online prices, but you can compare local prices as well.  Unfortunately, every product I have scanned so far shows no local listings.  Maybe they are still working on that.  I do live somewhat close to a big city but not close enough to drive and shop for groceries or household stuff.

If you have a minute, check out this video to see RedLaser in action!

You can download the FREE app here.  I think it is definitely worth a try.  I had a lot of fun just looking for different items and scanning them to see what would come up!

Also, support RedLaser by following them on social media :-)
Facebook : RedLaser 
Twitter: @RedLaserApp

Lastly, I have a few suggestions that I think would greatly enhance my personal RedLaser experience:

* If applicable on an item, offer a link to coupon availability.

*Offer local sale prices or links to store ads.

*Offer the consumer an option to add a local price into the system.

Overall, I really am enjoying this app and have already gotten a lot of use out of it.  Thanks to Shespeaks and RedLaser for showing me something new!

**I was compensated for this post but that in no way reflects my thoughts of this application nor my willingness to recommend it**


  1. What a cool app! Definitely something I'll be using!

  2. What are the basic function of this application. could you define me some more instruction about your ideas for gifts?

  3. This app is pretty awesome actually, I love the possibilities and I love that it is simple and easy to use! That makes a huge difference! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the app!!!

  4. I love the possibilities of this app! As of today I have a smart phone, so I'm going to check this out...anything that can help me shop is great! Thank you for sharing.