Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Sample Share of Old Navy jeans thanks to Crowdtap!

Well,  I got the pleasure of being selected through to try out some Old Navy Jeans.  How awesome!  I love jeans.  It is almost fall so I will be able to wear them more often!  Plus, I have lost all of my pregnancy/baby weight plus some and my old jeans are too big.  So when I was offered this opportunity I jumped on it!  First I want to say a BIG thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy for selecting me to be a part of this sample share.  And not only did I get a pair of free jeans but I also had one coupon to give away!  So my BFF also got a pair of free jeans!


My BFF lives about an hour away and works full time so we had to configure our schedules to have the time to go together and shop.  Well, the perfect time was yesterday because we were taking our girls to go see Selena Gomez in concert.  So she came out to pick us up early and we headed out to Old Navy first.  There were a lot of choices for jeans!  When I first looked up the products online I pretty much was set on the "Skinny Mini Flare" Jeans.  Well after trying them on, I was dead set against them!  They fit all wrong and I was pretty disappointed since they looked so cute on the mannequin!  Of course, the mannequin is NOT a real body type.....I had thought about testing out the "Skinny" jeans look but I am really a boot cut/flare type of girl.  So I ended up getting the "Slim Flare".  They look really cute on and fit great!  My BFF got the same style as me.  She was a little unimpressed with this years line.  She did not like the pocket styles in a lot of the jeans or the fabric.  I really don't care for embellished butt pockets but I do agree with her on the fabric.  It seemed too stretchy and less "jeany" material.

I also question Old Navy's sizing chart.  I wonder if they make the sizes smaller so you feel smaller and want to buy their jeans.  Because the jeans I got are a size 0 and I know that I am not that tiny!  But I guess I shouldn't complain, right?  We had a lot of jeans that didn't make the cut but I am happy that I found an awesome fitting pair!  I wanted to wear them right out of the store to the concert but the jeans had the ink tag on them :-(

The cashier said he had never seen any of these coupons and that he didn't even know Old Navy offered promos like this.  The lady in line behind me was also very interested in what we were doing (we were snapping pics at the counter, see above!)  I told her to go to and check it out!  The cashier also said that we made his day with the coupons.  Either he was just excited to see us excited for FREE jeans or he has a really boring job!  So, I changed my into my new jeans in the car and wore them to the concert!

What a great day it was!  Shopping and taking my daughter to her FIRST concert ever!  Yay for days like that and hoping for more in the future!!!!!

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  1. Awesome! Congrats to the both of you. Jeans are nice to have. I bet you two had a blast!