Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will this save my sanity???

The title says it all!  As a mother of two children, one who is seven years old and another who is 10 months old, I am running around A LOT!  Whether it is chasing my little walker around the house (silently kicking myself for not childproofing EVERYTHING) or making lunch, I am pretty much always on the go.  When I am not tending to the household duties I am working hard on my candle business - always brainstorming for bigger better ideas to make it a success!  And add in my beautiful garden and the other bits of life that fill in the seconds of the day, I have no time set aside to just say "aah" and breathe.  In fact, just writing about it is spiking my blood pressure (or it could be that I am on my third cup of coffee!).

So, when I was offered to try out the cerra.com program through Shespeaks, I jumped on it!  Cerra defines the program as:
"Cerra™ experiences help you be aware of your thoughts and feelings,
                               act with thoughtful intention, and reflect on your experiences, 
leading to a happier, more balanced life."

It sounds like exactly what I need!  Often, in our busy lives we do not take the time to stop and just look around and take in the beauty of nature or the smell of fresh cut grass.  We are so busy and preoccupied with the distractions of living that little moments fall by the wayside and slip away.  This is so unfortunate because it is the little moments of reflection and peace that spark ingenious ideas.

So today I begin this journey to a more enlightened happier me!  By using Cerra's website and the guided tools they offer, I am hoping that I can re focus and re center myself, making me a better mother, lover, friend, and business woman!  I will be documenting my thoughts, feelings, and emotional state throughout the whole time I am trying out this path and am intrigued to see the difference from beginning to end.  I hope that I do find some gravity and moments of relaxation.  But this is all of the time I have for now (see?  I am already running!).

So follow me on my quest for personal growth and I would even love much more for you to join me!  All you have to do is sign up at cerra.com and make your profile.  Browse through the website - make sure to read about the seven intentions as well as the moments activities they have to do.  If you do decide to join please comment here and let me know!  I would love to share this with you and discuss ideas!


  1. I just signed up, too. I'm also a new GFC follower. Enjoy the journey. :)

  2. Great post! I set out to do some networking this morning, and ended up cleaning, and cleaning. At this point some me time sounds good and it's only the morning!

  3. Thanks ladies! I would love to hear your thoughts on this program too!!!

  4. Great post! i am so excited about the program. Do you have a twitter handle?

  5. Thanks for visiting me. . I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Cerra. I ned to remember to slow down and regroup!

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