Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aetna Healthy Food Fight and Me

I would like to think that I am generally a healthy eater.  And tonight I had a moment of silent pride when my seven year old daughter selected a salad with fresh veggies from the garden for dinner.  I taught her well!

As a member of the shespeaks Blogger Society, I was recently given the opportunity to participate in the Aetna Healthy Food Fight.  The Healthy Food Fight is open to anybody who wants to partake but I thank shespeaks for introducing it to me.  I would probably have never heard of it if it weren't for the Blogger Society.


It is a known fact that obesity is an epidemic in The United States and is really a huge problem within our schools.  I feel that the younger generations really take the blunt of the problem because there is just so much information (good and bad) at their fingertips.  It is, unfortunately, too easy to eat unhealthy foods.  Fast Food is pretty much a staple in many households and it is a cheaper alternative than buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

That is why programs like this one are so important!  They help spread the word  of healthy eating and provide motivation to those who need it.  Aetna is one of the nation's top healthcare providers.  When I worked in a pharmacy I saw a lot of people with Aetna insurance and even carried it myself for a period of time until my company switched.  I think it is great that large companies like Aetna execute programs such as this one to educate the public.  Of course, it helps them overall, and the population in general!  The healthier a person lives, the less extensive healthcare they need (generally speaking), and the less expensive healthcare costs are.  So really, living a healthy lifestyle is a win-win situation!

The Aetna Healthy Food Fight is a pretty sweet campaign, especially if you like to cook.  You can enter to win Ciculon cookware (NICE!)  and you can submit your own spectacular recipe and win a trip to cook for Bobby Flay and win $10,000 worth of groceries!!!  Plus there is a "Test Kitchen" page with lots of recipes and cooking tips.  Do you know somebody who can cook and deserves to win?  Have them submit a recipe! 

They also have a facebook page (which I cannot believe I haven't "liked" until now!) where you can stay up to date on the healthy food fight.  I would definitely recommend checking this site out and signing up.  You may be the next big winner!!!  Check the website for all of the details and rules. 

Also, Here is a link to the Aetna page where you can sign up to become a shespeaks member (so fun!!) and join in on The Healthy Food Fight conversations.  There is a twitter party September 15th at 8:00pm EST.  Use the Hash Tag #SSFoodFight and make sure you are following @shespeaksup.  It is a lot easier to use something like "tweetgrid" because these parties and fast and furious!  You need to stay up to tempo!  I will be there, will you?

Eat on my friends!

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