Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of writing...Let's get started!!!

Well, honestly, I am very tired tonight but really wanted to start my 30 days of blogging for NaBloPoMo!!!  National Blog Posting Month, LOL

So.....Life has been crazy busy lately and I am sometimes feel like I don't even have the time to think straight!  I am still in the beginning stages of my candle business, recently took on a babysitting job for some extra money (plus i have a one year old...and a seven year old), and my blogging is picking up speed!  I have quite a few review blogs to write and a couple of video reviews to do (fun!).  Yes, I enjoy doing ALL of this but it is a bit overwhelming....

And I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist with a fear of success (at least that is what my college psychology professor told me....).  I think I am just a procrastinator!  And as you can read, this post is jumbled and mumbled...and bumbled...and...you get the point.  My mind has more ideas than I can easily type at any given moment! 

This 30 days of writing reminds me of an English course I took where we had to write 300 words a day.  It really does help.  I am hoping to get some creative juices flowing and come up with a blog masterpiece!  Well, not to that extent...I am just hoping to be able to write every day for 30 days at this point!

This is my first blog and my original blog.  I recently started a new blog as a place to put all of my reviews so that I could focus this blog on the personal, the professional, the whatever.  And keep my reviewing separate.  Though...I am starting to reconsider my choice.  Two blogs is a lot of work, especially for a busy mom like me who is still a blog newbie (even if I have been writing forever).  Blogging is definitely a full time job (or close to) if you want the GOOD goods and the GOOD reads!

So, That is it for tonight.  I am tired and have another crazy day tomorrow!!!!

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  1. Way to go! I am doing NaBloPoMO for the first time on BOTH my blogs! And yes it's a lot of work, but it helps me to keep things straight! best to you and I am going to try to keep up with all the SheSpeaks bloggers doing this...:)