Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Love Affair with Scott Toilet Paper

Yes, I said love affair.  And yes, with toilet paper.  I have been a loyal consumer of Scott Toilet Paper for over ten years now.  I used to be a "cushy ripples" type of girl.  Really, i just liked to say "cushy ripples".  And it was soft too.  When I moved in with my dad at the age of 19 I had to "settle" for his one ply Scott.  At first I was disappointed.  I liked the softer thicker toilet paper.  As a woman, it only makes sense to want to use something soft.  But after becoming accustomed to Scott Toilet Paper I knew I would never switch again.  

What makes Scott so great?

Well, I speak of "soft" toilet paper - make no mistake - Scott is not rough.  It is not super soft either.  What I like about it is the fact that it doesn't create little dust pieces and break off.  

Another great use I have found for Scott is wiping the excess mascara off of my brush.  I despise clumpy lashes and when I tried using other toilet papers to wipe my brush i would end up with dust particles.  Ugh.  Not with Scott!  A nice clean sweep of my brush and I have amazingly separated lashes.

Also, Scott lasts forever!  There are 1000 sheets per roll.  Any other brand of toilet paper would last a day in my house.  Scott will last at least three to four days.  

Scott Toilet Paper is also competitively priced.  It runs around 43.50 - $4.00 for a four pack and sometimes stores like Rite Aid will have a "Buy One Get One Free" sale and I always stock up.  One thing though, I wish they had more coupons available.  I always see coupons for "Extra Soft" but not for the regular kind.  I e-mailed the company once and they sent me a few dollar off coupons so that was cool.  

I also use Scott Toilet Paper to wipe any excess make up off from under my eyes.  I just wet it a little and gently wipe.  Again, no dusty particles are left on my face and Scott is pretty durable so it doesn't rip as easily as other brands.  Scott Toilet Paper also works great to blot shine off of my face and excess foundation or powder.

I also use it to do a quick wipe down on my toilet seat and sink when I am getting ready in my bathroom.

 I love to try new brands and products and get excited when I find "the next best thing" but I can honestly say that I have not found a better toilet paper than Scott Toilet Paper.  The only time I don't buy it is when I am broke and have to pick up the dollar store brand.  Though...I must say that I can pay $3.00 for 12 rolls of that and the Scott will still last longer.  I learned that from experience.

Also, Scott participates in Box Tops for Education and I save them for my daughter's school :-)

So ladies, if you are looking for a great toilet paper that can also help you on the makeup front, choose Scott!

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