Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Support your local SMALL BUSINESSES this Saturday 11/26/2011!

The #ShopSmall Movement is in full force across the US and I can see why!  When you shop at your local small businesses you are putting money back into the pockets of your friends, acquaintances, and your community.  With the devastation of the economy as a whole, I feel it is VERY important to start right outside your door.

I am a small business owner in a small community so I see first hand the effects of shopping small and local.  I make my own natural soy candles and  sell them out of a cute boutique called The Great Lakes Artisan Village.  This store houses crafters and artists whose products are made in Michigan.  It is a great venue and I am thankful to be a part of it.  Pretty much all of my customers live locally or within 50 miles of the store location.  I also run a website but see most of my traffic and purchases through the store.  I have a family to support and when people purchase my products they are helping me pay my bills and buy my children necessities. 

Another great reason to shop small is that the customer service is always nothing short of amazing!  You are not dealing with a huge corporation where, if you are unsatisfied, who cares?  because they have a million other customers who will still buy from them.  Local small business owners are the heart and soul of great business practices.  Support them.  Without small businesses the options to buy would be limited.  Where would you be able to go to find an eclectic piece of furniture or a hand crafted petoskey stone candle holder? 

I am a member of and they sent me a $25 American Express gift card to use on Small Business Saturday to shop small and I will be.  Right at the store that houses my candles and probably their sister store, The Great Lakes Marketplace (all Michigan made food products!) as well.  I am lucky to live in a small town that has a lot of cool stores.  But these types of small businesses are everywhere.

So, please take this to heart and SUPPORT YOUR SMALL BUSINESSES this Saturday November 26, 2011.  Black Friday ain't got nothing on us!  We are the new movement and we are the people who are going to turn this economy around.

Visit the #ShopSmall Facebook page for a lot of great information.  They have a search area where you can plug in your zip code and find small businesses in your area as well as small business owner tools/logos.  

You can check out MY small business website to see the amazing candles I offer too.  Every little bit helps :-)

What are some of YOUR favorite small businesses?  Do you own your own business?  I would love to hear about it!

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