Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Has Time For This???

Goodness, Today is Day 4 of my NaBloPoMo and I am just doing a quickie tonight!  I am in the middle of clipping at least 2 1/2 months worth of coupons (slacking!!!)  so I can make a grocery list and go shopping tomorrow.  Ugh, I have not been keeping up on my coupon binder.

It is so sad to see all of these great expired coupons go to waste.  Though I do save for the troops since I believe that they are allowed to use expired ones up to six months past the date.  But they are wasted on me!  

I used to be organized with it then my awesome super coupon friendlly grocery store changed the coupon policy from doubling coupons up to $1.00 to doubling to 50 cents.  Boo!!!  I guess I haven't been coupon shopping since, WOW.  It was very hard on me (eye myself because I was kind of devastated!  I almost cried.)

But it is time to get back into the swing of things!  I have an EXTREMELY busy week ahead so I am trying to accomplish my coupon sorting, shopping, blog posts, household duties, and whatever else comes my way this weekend.  Next Friday is "Ladies Night Out" in the town I live in and I have LOTS of candles to make so I am prepared.  I hope I sell out!!!  Or at least just sell some!

I am doing a gift basket give away and some sort of discount.  I haven't finalized everything yet, there is still time to decide!  But I have to be on my toes this week.  Which means allotting my time WISELY (no lounging on Facebook...oh the withdrawal feeling, ha!).

I am SUPER excited about this event.  My candles have only been down at the store for about two months now and I am hoping to get some good exposure!  I just got my sales statement from October and I sold WAY more candles than I thought I would!  Not 100's or anything but like 100% more than September.  Well, I only sold 4 in September but it is a start!  If it keeps increasing I just might go GLOBAL!  

So **insert shameless plug here**  This is my blog, why not?  If you are reading this then check out my candle website

It was a great end to my day to see all of the candles I sold!  I am still in the red as of now but slowly my incoming cash is starting to equal what I have put out.  Not quite there but it is getting there!  And then it's all profit!

I mean, I could charge more for my candles but I don't want to.  I might not make as much money but I don't care.  This doesn't mean I am not a good business woman, I am just not money greedy.   One of the MAIN reasons that I decided to sell soy candles is because I love them but cannot afford the really good ones.  I cannot justify spending $7, $8, or even $9 on a small 4 ounce candle!  I buy the BEST soy wax out there (in my opinion.  And I did A LOT of research), I try to make sure all of my scents are phthalate free along with other harmful chemicals.  Cost is important but quality is MOST important.

Any ways, my daughter and I have been clipping coupons for about 2 hours now and I am only half way through...clipping....then I have to organize and sort them and put them into the inserts and put them in my binder.  It might not get all done tonight but I WILL get it done by tomorrow morning.  (Hopefully...The pile isn't looking too promising)  There are a lot of older expired coupons and even though I hate to see them go I am also relieved that I don't have to clip them...double edged sword. :-)

My daughter was a trooper.  She is only seven and she stuck it out for a while.  But she fell asleep and I came out to my computer to write my daily post before midnight arrives because I might forget.  

Happy clipping to me!!!  


  1. How much do you figure you save in clipping coupons?! I would love to do that but the products I buy rarely have coupons available :(

    Best of luck on NaBloPoMo! (Your blog is listed right above mine which is how I found you)

  2. It depends on the sales and coupons available. I aim to save at least 30-40% off of my order. I follow blogs that do the match ups so it shaves off some time. It is hard to get coupons for the good stuff like fruits, veggies...but sometimes they will have them for specific brands. I usually only buy my meat when it is on sale and stock up for a month. Not too much or it will go bad. Or if I buy a good steak I don't care about sales :-) Facebook is great for coupons. A lot of companies give out coupons. Another good idea is to subscribe to your favorite brands e-mail list because they will send you coupons too. And most coupon sites will have a coupon data base where you can search for a specific coupon you are looking for. Hope that helps!