Saturday, March 31, 2012

Add some Flair to your Fingers (and Toes!!) with Kiss Nail Dress

So...I have another really cool product from my Influenster Love Vox Box to share with you.  It is the Kiss Nail Dress stick on nails.

These nail stickers are neat not only in the awesome design but also in the ease of use.  What a clever idea!  All you do is stick the desired size on your nail and file the excess away!  They are easy to apply and remove - saving you time and frustration!

One package retails for about $6.99 and come with 28 strips - enough for your fingers and toes.  Plus they include bigger sizes to accommodate your footsies!

The stick on nails can last up to ten days even if you do a lot of dishes :-/  And there are a lot of fun styles to choose from so you will never feel dull.

I would recommend these for sure.  One way I plan to wear these is on my toes in the summer.  It is half and half on flip-flops right now here in the Midwest but once the weather breaks a little I think that dressing my toes up with fabulous funky looks is a quick way to add some pizazz to my summer wardrobe.  And with all of the selections to choose from, I can change it up all the time!  I am busy mom  so being able to add something little like this into my routine goes a long way.

Check out the Kiss website for more information or their Facebook page.  I also want to add that Kiss offers MORE than just nail products.  I was browsing through their site and they have eye serums, hair tools, and more. 

Have you tried these?  I would love to hear what you think and share a picture to my 'Great Ideas and More" Facebook wall :-)

And now for the DISCLAIMER:  I received this product through for FREE to try out and share my opinion.  All words and thoughts are MY OWN.  Thanks.

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