Friday, March 30, 2012

Want Soft and Silky Smooth Summer Legs? Check it out! You too can have #GoddessSkin with Gillette Venus and Olay!

I just love beauty products.  All kinds, all brands pretty much.  One of the fringe benefits of being selected to test put products is that I get to try out quite a few awesome body and beauty products.  (Yay!!!)  It is beyond incredible for me to be able to do this and share my opinion with others so that they can make informed decisions on whether to buy or not :-)

Well, recently I was sent the Influenster Love VoxBox with some pretty cool products to check out.  If you want to see the whole box of goodies, check out my previous post.  Right now I just am focusing on one neat beauty product I was sent - The Gillette Venus & Olay Razor.

Aww yeah!  What a cool razor this is.  Gillette really sets the bar for innovation when it comes to ladies grooming.  I currently am using a Venus Pro Skin Razor from a previous VoxBox and I pretty much love it so to be able to use another NEW razor from a reliable brand?  Score!  And I am a big fan of Olay so even before trying out this razor I had high hopes.  I love Olay body wash and if it can provide that much moisture and silkiness on my legs while shaving...I might have a replacement shaver!

Before I go any further, let me show you a picture of what this razor looks like.

This is the external packaging.  Pretty!  I am not a big fan of plastic out wearings where you have to cut and cut some more and finally pry the product out of the package (and hope a sharp shred of plastic doesn't cut you in the process!)  This wasn't too bad though.  Easier than I expected.

Here is the razor itself.  It has a nice sleek handle that fits pretty well into my womanly hands, yes they are ;-)  Though I found when my hands and body were wet the razor slipped around a few times...But that could just be my coordination.

And a nice close up of the razor head itself so you can see the Olay Moisture Bars up close.  Also notice that this razor also has FIVE (5) blades to get even the finest tiniest hairs.  I thought it glided well over my legs and wasn't awkward to use.  It has been unseasonably warm here (well it back to colder weather)  so for a week or so I was shaving with this razor every day.  A couple of notable points:  NO razor burn, even with daily shaving and a SHARP blade at the end of the week.  I also like that I can tell (besides dull blades) when I need to change out the head because the moisture bars slowly wash away with each use.  No moisture bar left?  Time for a new head.

Which brings me to another positive attribute of this razor.  The heads are interchangeable with the handle.  So if I run out of the Olay heads I can use the Pro Skin, Embrace, or Divine!  Change it up a little.

The only critique I really have is that I feel this razor is too bulky for "south of the border" shaving.  For the legs and armpits, it works great but down there needs something a little more compact to attend to those delicate areas.

Like what you see and want to try it?  The retail price is average with other comparable razors and costs about $9 to $11 in store.  It is also available for FREE super saver shipping on Amazon.  Or if you just want to get more information on this razor and other Venus products, visit their Facebook page or website.

And again, a BIG THANKS to Influenster for sending me this razor!  On that note, I need to point out (for liability and per FTC regulations) that I received this product for free to test out and share my opinion.  All statements are that of my own mind :-)


  1. I can't wait to try this razor!

  2. Looks like a great razor!!Hope I can try this soon. I love olay products so that's a plus!!

  3. I have a Venus and it just may be time to get a replacement. This one looks good!

  4. This is the ONLY razor I will use actually, but I don't have the one with the Olay bar!! Need to get that! :)
    It's a great razor though!