Monday, September 10, 2012

Paying it Forward with Gutzy Gear and Madam Deals Media :-)

I love to help out for a great cause, especially when it is local.  Recently I was sent $25.00 on behalf of Madame Deals Media and Gutzy Gear to purchase as many school supplies as possible and donate them to children in need.  It took a little leg work to find the best deals but I think that I made out pretty well for spending $25!  I shopped around at a variety of stores - Staples, Target, Rite Aid, and WalMart - so I could get the best deals at the lowest cost.

I scored a good amount of supplies and also added in some extras that I had, like Boogie Wipes!  I recently also hosted a "Back to School" party with Gutzy Gear and had a few cool backpack strap decorations to put in the pile.

I had enough supplies to stuff a backpack FULL plus two extra bags of supplies and goodies!  My eight year old daughter helped me out with the backpack choice and some of the supplies.  I thought this was a great way for her to be involved and give back as well.  We decided to donate the supplies to our local Holly Area Youth Assistance organization.  They do so much for the community.  Every year they have a school supply donation drive and this year they held an event called "Stuff the Bus" and asked people to donate to fill a bus load.  They also run a Christmas donation program and hand out gifts to children whose families have fallen on hard times.  They have mentoring programs, summer camp scholarship opportunities, and so much more.  They are really a wonderful group of people with big hearts.  I couldn't have chosen a better organization to help out.
Thank you again to Gutzy Gear and Madame Deals Media for generously offering up the monies to help out children who need it most!  This was an awesome cause and I am so glad that I was chosen to be a part of it!

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  1. Thank you SO much for choosing our organization for your charitable generosity! We were absolutely amazed at how far you were able to stretch your dollars. The less-fortunate kids in the community definitely benefited from your savvy shopping skills. Thanks again; we are humbled by your kindness.