Sunday, November 6, 2011

Strike While the Iron is HOT!

I am a list person.  I make a lot of lists with a lot of to-do's...And a lot of it never gets done.  Well, it DOES get done, just not in the timely fashion I would like.  Partly because of my procrastination (why do today what you can put off until tomorrow???) and partly because I just write down too much damn stuff to do!  Seriously, I have set the expectations for 24 hours in a day way too high.

I am currently STILL finishing the list I wrote for LAST weekend.  Yes, last weekend.  But it is all good.  I DO get the important things done, most of the time.  

So, I am working on a few short term goals for myself.

1. Write shorter lists.  Very important!  I am much more likely to get three to four items checked off a list than I am 20.  A shorter to-do list will also leave me feeling less overwhelmed and more productive.  And if I finish it and the day is still young, I can just do whatever I mentally know I need to do instead of creating another list.

2. Some things that I need to do do not need to be listed but I will write them down any ways.  So, instead of adding these tasks to my list, I will just do them as they pop in my head....Like putting some clothes away or other (tedious) household duties...Maybe even a phone call i need to make.

3.  Lower my expectations.  I can get way more accomplished if I am not feeling like I can't meet my goals (so why even bother, right?)  I don't mean that i am just going to say "F" it and not do anything.  I think that I just need to slow it down and know that as long as I am working hard, I am doing good.  

Of course, I will never stop making lists for myself.  They help me more than they hinder me.  I like to see what type of day/week/month I have ahead of me and figure out the best and most efficient plan possible to accomplish all of my duties.  I would probably forget to do 1/3 of the things I need to if i didn't have them written down.  As a mother of two busy children, a small business owner, a blogger, and all of the other life activities I do it is a MUST for me to keep everything in order.  

I am just working to be more efficient and less deficient.

What about you?  Are you a list person or do you strike while the iron is hot?

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